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What is Loan Originating Software

Loan origination software is a platform for centrally managing and automating different stages of the loan servicing cycle, i.e., loan application, document verification and credit approval, with automated underwriting.

For instance, during the loan application stage, the loan officer can add a borrower's details—such as income, credit history and assets—to the solution's dashboard.

The software speeds up the whole process of fetching a suitable plan from the loan portfolio by automating it.

Using loan origination software, businesses can process and approve loans faster.

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Common Features of Loan Origination Software
  •   Create and manage loan portfolios, including mortgage loans, commercial loans, and construction loans.
  •   Allow customers or loan officers to identify and apply for the right loan via an online interface embedded with tooltips.
  •   Create a centralized repository of files such as loan applications and customers' income reports.
  •   Build custom loan approval rules, automating risk and viability analysis, to make faster and more accurate decisions about a customer's creditworthiness.
  •   Approve a borrower's loan requests and track records of fund delivery via online payment gateways, checks and wire transfer.
  •   Capture and access details of new leads, prospects or existing customers in a centralized location.
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