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Prepaid Card

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Prepaid Card On Mobile App

We offer customers with the freedom of choice to issue a corporate card that allow easy payments to merchants, e-commerce transactions and ATM withdrawals, meal cards that are an ideal replacement for meal coupons, card for reimbursement and rewards and gift cards for all occasions. These easy to use cards are accepted anywhere across India.


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  •   Convenience

    Prepaid cards can be used everywhere - at stores, gas stations, restaurants, theaters, in the mall and online.

  •   Budgeting

    Customer can figure out in advance how they will spend it: spending can be controlled by how much money is loaded.

  •   Safety

    It helps the customer avoid the hassle of carrying cash and the threat of theft

  •   Teaching tool

    Prepaid cards are a hands-on tool that teaches teenagers about finances in a controlled environment.

  •   Security

    Since the card can be charged only up to the value of the pre-loaded fund, one cannot make an excessive charge.

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