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Unified Payments Interface

The first major step taken by India to achieve a cashless economy was the introduction of Unified Payment Interface (UPI). With the help of the new feature, your smartphone can be used as a virtual debit card. You can also receive and send money with the help of UPI.

UPI Collection

Not only can UPI be used to transfer funds from one account to another but it can also be used by people to make payment to a merchant on an online platform. Many major online shopping platforms and shops have included UPI as one of the payment methods for customers.

Tatkal Banking provide UPI Collection service customer can be Enter UPI ID from money collect and collect money for that UPI ID

UPI payment

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Digital modes of transactions are becoming increasingly popular not just because they are easy to use but also for enabling transactions to happen quickly. Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is one such mode.

UPI is a system that integrates multiple bank accounts into a single mobile app from any participating bank. This app combines several banking features to allow for the seamless routing of funds and merchant payments under one interface.

Benefits of UPI for Banks:
  •   There is a universal application for one transaction
  •   This is a single click Two Factor authentication
  •   It is safer and more secure
  •   It enables easy transactions
  •   Unique Identifier
  •   Payment basis Single
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