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POS solution

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What is the Point of Sale system?

A POS or a point of sale system is the place where your customer makes a payment for products or services at your store. Acting as a central component, the POS system is where everything like customer management, inventory management, sales, etc merges together.

Key components of a POS system

Every POS system comprises software and hardware components. It’s important to understand what POS software and hardware components are and what each has to offer.

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Working of POS
  •   A scanner scans the item and looks up the inventory for its selling price.
  •   It updates the inventory to show the item as sold.
  •   Calculates the final price (taxes, discounts, etc.)
  •   Interacts with the customer relations management system.
  •   Transacts with a merchant services account for credit cards/checks.
  •   Prints a sales receipt.
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